Sony establishes the PlayStation VR Resort in Madrid

A space in which you can try 15 different games for PSVR.

Today was the inauguration of a new initiative created by Sony to promote the experience offered by one of its star peripherals for PS4, the PSVR Virtual Reality glasses. Under the name of PlayStation VR Resort everyone who goes through it Grand Príncipe Pío Theater (located on Cuesta de San Vicente 44) will be able to try a wide range of titles designed for this device completely free of charge.

Among other games, it is possible to enjoy the VR mode that GT Sport will offer (with a really striking piece of furniture in between), the recent Arizona Sunshine, Farpoint, Carnival Games VR, Mindtaker, Tesla !, classics such as PlayStation VR Worlds and many others. In addition, all attendees will be able to participate in the odd interesting contest and enjoy a really cozy atmosphere, something that we have been able to see first-hand.

You have until Sunday at 9:00 p.m. to enjoy this interesting proposal, ideal to enjoy Virtual Reality in a very relaxed way. If you are curious and have never had the chance to discover the experience that PlayStation VR glasses provide, you are already taking time.