Sony would have prevented cross-platform options in Destiny 2

Bungie had plans to allow the transfer of characters between platforms.

The team of Bungie wanted to include the option to transfer characters between platforms with its popular Destiny 2, but according to well-known Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier, Sony would have prevented the creators of Halo from carrying out this initiative.

"I heard that Bungie wanted to allow the transfer of characters from PS4 and PC before Destiny 2 - Forsaken but Sony would not have allowed it," the journalist commented during a podcast. The reason? He says Sony wanted "people to associate Destiny with PS4, even if it meant annoying other players."

"It sucks and I hope Bungie ends up doing it," adds the journalist, referring to the newly released studio independence, which months ago confirmed that it would continue the franchise away from Activision. This is not the first time that someone talks about Sony in these terms, because creatives after Rocket League or Minecraft have already warned that they fought for cross-play and they always encountered the same obstacle: Sony.

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