Sony talks about the creation of PlayStation 4 Pro: "We are doing the right thing for PlayStation"

The firm assures, without giving figures, that the reserves are being very positive in the United Kingdom.

The British portal MCV has had the pleasure of interviewing one of the top representatives of the British division of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim ryan, who spoke about the present and the future of the brand PlayStation at Sony. By his calculations, "50 million people have purchased 4K televisions, and many of the PlayStation 4 Pro users will come from that buyer base."

And from the 4K blu-ray reader, Ryan pulled what seems to be an official response from Sony: its users have launched into streaming and therein lies the bet. "We have announced 4K initiatives with companies like YouTube or Netflix and there are more conversations about it. Looking ahead, we can say that we definitely see streaming as the way forward."

About the technological battle that is coming, Jim ryan remember that "Microsoft has not released anything yet", and that "we are going to work independently of what anyone does. We react to what weighs in the market more than to what our competitors do. From our perspective, we are doing what correct for PlayStation ".

From virtual reality to PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR, remains cautious: "It will improve the virtual reality experience playing them in Pro, but we want to be very clear about it that the primary platform of PlayStation VR is the conventional PlayStation 4; the 40 million users who already have it will be able to enjoy a great gaming experience. "

Speaking of bookings, from strength to strength in the UK: "UK bookings are being good. I can't give numbers yet, but I'm frankly surprised. We will have a significant number of machines to sell at Christmas."