Sony guarantees that there is a Horizon saga for a while

Guerrilla Games already have plans for the video game for a long, long time.

Shawn Layden, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, is being one of the true protagonists of the current PlayStation in recent days, and in an interview with the Telegraph has left us some interesting pearls about what is to come in the Horizon saga.

"This is another study to which we do not tell what to do," he declared about Warfare. "These people have spent between 10 and 12 years working in the killzone saga, Y Horizon: Zero Dawn It couldn't be more different from what they had been doing even if they had tried. When they told us they wanted to make an open world, based on nature and very colorful, it seemed like a very ambitious goal, but they nailed it. "

"The reception for that game has been fantastic, and Hermen hulst your director has a lot on his mind as to what he wants for Horizon and what the roadmap is. That roadmap goes on for many years, and I think we're going to work with that brand for a long, long time'.