Sony explains why it did not confirm release dates at E3 2017

Shuhei Yoshida wants to avoid the bad press of later delays.

The conference of Sony left some release windows, but no official date for its exclusive PS4 video games. Something different from the usual trend of the Japanese company in their ads. The reason? According to Shuhei Yoshida, avoid later announcements of delay, with their corresponding apologies, in the premieres.

"It was intentional. We have previously announced release dates that we had to rectify later, apologizing to the players, so we discussed this. Due to the size of the productions on PS4, and even though they are very veteran studios, still miscalculations are made in the amount of work planned for the final phases of development, debugging and optimization. Thus, we agreed not to give release dates until the launch was very, very close, "he explains in a interview with the North American media GameSpot transcribed by Polygon magazine.

In addition, thanks to this action, pressure is released on the marketing and sales staff and from now on they will give launch windows of the "autumn, spring" type until, as we say, production is in a beta phase or final stage.