Sony is working on a new more powerful PlayStation 4 model

It would support 4K resolutions and improve the graphics processing capacity of the console.

Sony could be working on a new version of PlayStation 4 more powerful than the original model. That is the information published by the well-known Kotaku portal, alluding to several sources that would already be working with this new hardware that would add more graphic power and allow reaching 4K resolutions.

What they do not make clear is if the current owners of PS4 would have the option of updating their hardware to this model that some have already baptized as PlayStation 4.5, or it will be essential to buy a new machine ... if the information is true.

According to the leaked information Sony, which at the moment has limited itself to saying that it does not think about rumors, it would already be talking to several developers about this new model of its console. Why the bet on this new hardware? Seems to get the most out of virtual reality glasses PlayStation VR it would be one of the main motivations of the Japanese, although not the only one.

With the increased power, developers could improve the graphics of their video games by offering a higher level of detail with more stable frame rates.

None of the sources consulted by Kotaku offers a date or price for this new model of PlayStation 4.