Sony would be preparing a 1TB PS4 Slim and gold color

Images of this new model have been leaked that would go on sale just before E3 2017.

On June 9, just a few dates before the beginning of the E3 2017, Sony will put on sale a model of PS4 which will have a 1TB hard drive and Slim format. Its greatest particularity? He Golden colour.

This information has been made public through a Reddit thread, which even offers an image of the packaging of the game console that is rumored to be around $ 299.99, the same cost as the PS4 Slim model that debuted. with 1TB hard drive in the US in April.

Currently there are already some controls in color Gold that can be purchased specifically in a specific store, GameStop, which in fact has recently noted that its exclusivity on this type of command expires at the end of this month of May ... Something that, as is logical, further feeds the veracity of this rumor.