Sony Spain: "Expectations with Detroit: Become Human are very high"

The Quantic Dream game will arrive in Spain in 2018. We spoke to your product manager.

3D Games could interview Mario Ballesteros, Product Manager of Playstation, in the past Barcelona Games World. We wanted to talk to him about what was one of our fair game nominees, Detroit: Become Human, who guaranteed us that there were great expectations in its premiere next year 2018. Ballesteros acknowledged that "expectations with Detroit: Become Human are very high. Both for the project and for the look of the game and those involved in it, Quantic Dream and David Cage."

He acknowledged that the plot, based on androids becoming aware of their status as servants in human society, "has fitted the approach of the story very well and comes at a great moment with the premiere of Blade Runner, which also builds a futuristic world. surrounded by increasingly intelligent artificial intelligence, in which the androids themselves can reflect and make decisions. " The video game created by the authors of Heavy rain or Beyond: Two Souls It still has no release date in our country.

"If we are able to fit into projects like the present, a thriller with action and drama, guiding the story and making decisions that alter the ending or the development itself, I think it is an interesting proposal that also complements other types of games that we have. and that each time they have more public ". Detroit: Become Human was playable in the past Barcelona Games World; new details are very likely to be known in the imminent Paris Games Week.