Sony details by regions the best-selling of 2017 in PS VR

Job Simulator and Batman Arkham VR were the most successful products in the United States and Europe.

Just a few days ago we informed you of the best sellers throughout 2017 on the different Sony platforms, such as PS4, classic titles or PS VR. Now we have accessed the detail by regions of the most successful video games of the virtual reality peripheral of the Japanese company, precisely.

Divided by areas in the United States and Europe, the biggest software success in the first region is Job simulator while the European one is Batman: Arkham VR in some rankings that are worth taking a look since they observe some important changes that show the tendencies of both areas.

European Ranking:
  1. Batman Arkham VR
  2. Superhot VR
  3. Job Simulator
  4. PlayStation VR Worlds
  5. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
  6. Robinson: The Journey
  7. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  8. Driveclub VR
  9. Sports bar
  10. Arizona Sunshine

American Ranking:
  1. Job Simulator
  2. Superhot VR
  3. PlayStation VR Worlds
  4. I Expect You To Die
  5. Batman: Arkham VR
  6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
  7. Fruit Ninja VR
  8. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  9. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
  10. Driveclub VR