Sony to reveal PlayStation VR price and release date in 2016

Yoshida denies that there is yet a line of launch games for the virtual reality device.

At the moment, there are two games that have announced to be part of the launch of PlayStation VR: Battlezone and VolumeVR (Volume expansion). The President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide, Shuhei Yoshida, has denied that an agreement has been reached with them yet and has confirmed, incidentally, that all the information on Sony's virtual reality device will arrive during the next year 2016.

"We don't know what the launch games will be or the date itself. I guess Rebellion was wrong with Battlezone. Mike Bithell also said Volume VR was going to be launch. Of course it's something they can't know, since we we do not know if it will be like that. We will know next year "he commented in the Paris Games Week to the American medium Digital Spy.

Regarding the price and the release date, Yoshida and his team have "a rough idea, but there are still things to be assured. It is a launch similar to that of a gaming platform." He guaranteed that "we are working with a console mentality, and we are having our developers test each of the possibilities that can be used with the device."

Finally, he assured that the objective is to have a "solid installed base" to start making benefits with the software sold on the platform. The recent Paris Games Week has served to show new content of many of the games that will be compatible with the device. News is expected in the coming months.