Sony quantifies at "0.3% of total development" adapting PS4 games to PS4 Pro

The engineer behind the PlayStation 4 technology has offered numerous Pro details in recent days.

The extensive interview of Mark Cerny with Gamasutra continues to offer interesting data about the circuitry of PS4 Pro and what it will mean for the ecosystem of consoles of Sony. Speaking of future compatible developments between games already released in Playstation 4 and the various improvements that could be expected to improve the experience in PlayStation 4 Pro, the engineer has assured that "the objective is none other than to ensure that the support of PlayStation 4 Pro can be executed with a small fraction of the total percentage of a development".

He quantified it: "I mean a fraction of a supposed percentage; I've done numbers and it shouldn't total a 0.2 or 0.3% for some of the project. I think that support for the platform will come naturally from the developer community. "Among other recent statements, Cerny guaranteed and reiterated that the release of PlayStation 4 Pro the next November 10 it will not mean "the beginning of a new generation of consoles" for video game players.