Sony believes PS4 will continue to dominate the market in 2018

The Japanese company "humbly" believes that this line of a market leading PlayStation 4 will continue to dominate next year.

Last night's PlayStation Experience left us abundant headlines and good news for Sony's game console in terms of what its future will bring in the software, however, from the top management of the Japanese company they think that this will also translate into maintaining its triumphant streak in commercial terms for your hardware.

Shawn Layden, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment in its American division, confessed that he "humbly" believes that PS4 will continue to be the leading console in the market during 2018, something he defined as "have dominance in the video game market'.

The executive also commented that the base of PlayStation VR devices will soon reach a number of consoles on the market that allows many content creators to be more interested in this virtual reality peripheral.

Remember that, recently, we told you that PlayStation 4 has already sold more than 70 million consoles and PS VR more than 2 million devices.