Sony shares infographic on God of War combat

Almost half a million players have already unlocked the game's platinum trophy.

Although it may not seem like it, it has been almost half a year since God of War hit stores; And after regaining the interest of its players with the NG + mode, Sony Santa Monica is ready to offer an infographic analyzing the combat statistics that the community has achieved globally to date.

As you can see, the schematic includes the most popular abilities for Kratos and Atreus, as well as the total upgrades of the Leviathan ax and the iconic Blades of Chaos. Perhaps it is even more interesting to study the relationship between deaths and casualties that has Sigrún, the Valkyrie Queen, in all difficulty modes. On the easiest setting, the mighty boss saves a 12: 1 win ratio, but if we go to the hardest setting - "give me God of War" - we see a painful 100: 1 rating.

Can you imagine what it would be like to die a hundred times against Sigrún until you managed to defeat her? It is likely that it happened to someone. From time to time Sony Santa Monica shares other interesting facts about their successful work. For example, we recently got to see the prototype for the first God of War boss fight.

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