Sony: "We started to think of PS4 Pro as we launched PlayStation 4"

Marc Cerny, the highest representative of the architecture of the machine, talks about the new platform.

Beyond his incredible and long resume, Mark Cerny is known today for being one of the people at the forefront of the architecture of the family Playstation 4. At the end of the broadcast of the PlayStation Meeting, Cerny He was able to offer his opinion on the newly released PS4 Pro, and commented that the process of creating the new machine began much earlier than could be expected.

The engineer said that "we began to think about the new model of the console as we launched PlayStation 4 on the market. It was clear that during this generation, the arrival of 4K televisions would be significant enough at some point, and we wanted to try launch something to the market that was compatible. " He acknowledged that "as soon as we saw what was needed in the process to make the machine 4K compatible, PS4 Pro became something we had to do."

About the new DualShock 4, which already has a release date, highlighted that "the best thing about the new controller is that it can be connected with a cable to send the data through the cable. Which means that you can play fighting games with minimal latency, that is, the heaven". Check everything that happened yesterday at the PlayStation Meeting with our special on the machine.