Sony closes Evolution Studios by surprise, authors of Motorstorm and DriveClub

An attempt will be made to find a new position for the members of the studio led by Paul Rustchynsky.

Bad news for speed fans in PlayStation territory. Despite having a busy premiere, DriveClub ended up becoming one of the leading speed video games of the current generation and Playstation 4. However, it seems that Sony has decided to close down the company, which at the time was in charge of the Motorstorm franchise in the last generation. An unexpected decision that has taken users and the media by surprise.

Sony has written a letter explaining the event and the measures they will take in the near future to try, as far as possible, to relocate all the workers they can: "Throughout the periodic reviews carried out at SCE Worldwide Studios and we secure the resources we have in an environment that is so competitive and requires the creation of high quality, commercially viable and innovative products. As part of the process, we have reviewed and evaluated all current short and medium term projects and plans , deciding to make some changes to the structure of the European studios. As a result, it has been decided to close Evolution Studios. "

The Japanese company has specified that with the closure "we will be in a stronger position in the future and able to offer the best possible content of the highest quality to our users." They confirm that "Evolution Studios has been an important part of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios for over 10 years, working on racing titles such as World Rally Championship, Motorstorm Y DriveclubFinally, they assure that "the decision should not detract any merit from the great work produced by Evolution."

No one at the developer company had suggested the present possibility in recent times. It remains to wait for comments from the protagonists during the next few hours to know how they have coped with the sad news.