Sony estimates there are around 100 games in development for PlayStation VR

It has been confirmed by Kaz Hirai in an interview. The device still has no date or price.

The CEO of Sony Corporation, Kaz hirai, recently spoke to the BBC at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Although in a Japanese medium he has guaranteed that the event was not adequate to advance the date or price of PlayStation VR, it has not prevented him from showing his chest about the new virtual reality device that they are preparing for PlayStation 4. Regarding the number of games, he assures that "We are working on about 100 or more titles for PlayStation VR."

Hirai was happy for the great reception that the device has had among different video game developers around the world. Regarding the figure itself, he assures that it is "a guarantee of the support that the creative community is giving to PlayStation VR. We have a lot of partners and I think it will be of great help as soon as it comes out throughout this year." It remains to wait for news about the launch.