Sony Australia regrets that the PlayStation 4 catalog in 2015 was not "as strong as we would have liked"

However, the company says it faces a year 2016 with an "incredible catalog" and with new goals and ideas.

The American media Gamespot has been able to speak with the general director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, Michael Ephraim, which is cautious when facing the 2015 catalog and what will come next 2016 for PlayStation 4, justifying the close work with third-party companies in recent times: "Since our catalog is not as strong as we would have liked it, we have worked closely with the third-parties. "

Ephraim is a true veteran of the industry. He has worked in the PlayStation family for the past 22 years. Has positively valued the growth of PlayStation 4 in its territory, record sales. Despite what was said of 2015, he fully trusts the catalog and ideas that will arrive throughout the next year 2016: "It seems that we have an incredible catalog. We have Street Fighter, Uncharted 4, No Man's Sky, The Last Guardian and Gran Turismo All exclusive, two of them new franchises. "

The year 2015 has been settled with Bloodborne, The Order: 1886 and Until Dawn. What is expected for next year in the field of console exclusives, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Gravity: Rush 2, No Man's Sky, Street Fighter V (the last two shared with the territory of the PC) are guaranteed to waiting for the realization of titles such as GT Sport, Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Last Guardian, of which nothing is known since last E3.

The one who also assured that 2016 would be "a spectacular year" was the president of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, which guaranteed in Famitsu that the company still has "unannounced" games in the hat. There is also the PlayStation VR letter, for which the date or price has not been announced either, but its arrival seems more than guaranteed for next year. Ephraim spoke of this, of which he assured that it is a "very solid" device.

He commented that PlayStation VR is "something new that everyone wants and many developers are working on it. Of course, time will tell if it is a crazy launch or a slow installation of devices." However, in oceanic lands they are not ahead of the present times: the objectives of the company in Australia are to "grow the installed base of PlayStation 4".