Sony will increase production of PlayStation VR to meet demand for the accessory

The helmet has been sold out in many stores in the main European markets.

The president of Sony Interactive Entertainment in the European territory, Jim ryan, has spoken with CNBC about the brilliant premiere of PlayStation VR and its immediate future. The units have flown in some of the major markets in Europe, and Sony He works hard to expand the production of the viewer to keep up with demand.

In Sony they knew "from the data we have for the reserves that the interest in PS VR was significant", which has allowed them to maneuver with time. "We know that stock replenishment is being good and that production is going exactly as we expected, but we are going to increase production capacity even more between late 2016 and early 2017 in order to ship a lot of PlayStation VR around the world. "assured the effusive Ryan.

PlayStation VR was launched last week on the market. Do you want to know all its secrets? Do not hesitate to consult the most recent report by Alejandro Pascual with the new Sony virtual reality accessory.