Sony claims to sell three PS4s for each Xbox One in Europe

They explain that with such a large audience it is easy to offer a variety of video games for all tastes.

The prestigious TIME magazine has a very interesting interview with Shawn Layden, the main head of game development for Sony, in which he describes some of the most important aspects of the present day of the PlayStation brand.

"If you add the sales of PS4 and Xbox One you realize that playing on a console has never been as big and vibrant as it is now," Layden declared to begin the meeting. "All those rumors about him end of consoles they have been very premature. "

"It was nice that in North America we sold two PS4 consoles for every Xbox One"Layden explained before mentally traveling to the old continent, where the sales ratio is even higher." In Europe we have the true strength of PlayStation 4, where sales go up to 3 to 1 with Xbox One ".

How is this projected in the software? "When you get into the ranges of the 100 million consoles sold you speak of very different audiences," said the executive. "That allows us to have titles as varied as Detroit: Become Human, FIFA, Call of Duty or Star Wars ... AND makes work much easier'.