Sony ensures that PlayStation 4 Neo was not born with the aim of changing the paradigm of console sales

The company does not intend with this movement to assimilate itself to the mobile phone market.

Updates from Xbox One and PlayStation 4 They are taking over the news of the industry in recent weeks. The latest news comes from Sony IR Day 2016, in which Andrew House, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has spoken clearly to shareholders of the Japanese company about the future hardware that the firm will launch to the market: PlayStation 4 Neo. The American portal DualShockers ensures that House has denied that the machine is going to change the paradigm of console sales.

He commented that this is the first time that the multinational has launched a hardware update in the middle of the generation, but that the objective is not to assimilate the video game industry to that of mobile phones, in which users change devices every one or two years approximately; the console cycle would still be five or six years. Sony is looking for a business model in which everyone enjoys the same platform, hence the software will work on the normal PlayStation 4 and the Neo.

Project Scorpio, the option of Microsoft For the middle of the present generation, it seems that it is born with other perspectives. It has been the boss of Microsoft Game Studios, Shannon Loftis, which said a few days ago that "we are trying to change the culture and put in the hands of the players the power to choose when to update, instead of this decision being motivated by technology or corporate initiatives." Loftis wants the Redmond decision not to cause "player frustration."