Sony says DriveClub VR will appear this year exclusively for PlayStation VR

At the end of July, this speed title was announced for PlayStation 4 based on the DriveClub franchise.

A few weeks ago, at the end of last July, all the details of Driveclub VR were announced, a title developed for virtual reality of which some prototypes had been seen and which was presumed to be launched accompanying the premiere of PlayStation VR.

Now it's been your own Sony which has confirmed all the extremes of this news, corroborating that it will appear at a time yet to be determined in 2016 and the exclusive nature of the title for the virtual reality peripheral of Playstation 4.

"Before gamescom 2016 starts tomorrow and you can see the game, we are pleased to officially announce the publication of DriveClub VR exclusively for PlayStation VR," they explain in a statement via the official PlayStation blog. "We have been working tirelessly at Driveclub VR for over a year to bring you the ultimate and most compelling Driveclub experience."

"We are passionate about creating the most memorable and challenging gaming experiences, so being able to take Driveclub to an even more compelling level, thanks to VR, fills us with excitement," they continue. "Not only will players be able to experience the incredible speed and precision when driving some of the most exotic high-performance vehicles in the world, but they will also be able to compete against each other or play together in a totally different way."

They have also released the official cover and some features of the title:

  • Game modes: Online VR racing modes and an action-packed single-player career mode, plus drift and time trial challenges
  • Tracks: New and classic Driveclub tracks will be brought to life thanks to the power of PlayStation VR, including five all-new urban settings.
  • Up Close - All cars have been recreated in great detail for players to examine closely in Inspection mode.
  • Cruise control: A little time to relax, let go of the throttle or just go into neutral and explore any track, in any country, whenever you want in Cruise mode.
  • Virtual Passenger: An exciting and absorbing journey through the repetitions of the best laps, as the player contemplates himself overcoming his greatest challenges from a unique point of view in Passenger mode.