Sony announces Concrete Genie, a beautiful action adventure for PS4

The video game from the authors of Entwined is released in 2018.

The team of Pixel Opus, known for developing Entwined, presented their new work at Paris Games Week 2017. It responds to the name of Concrete Genie, and it is a beautiful action adventure presented at the moment for PS4 with a release scheduled for 2018.

The trailer for Concrete Genie shows us Ash, a young man equipped with a magic brush with which we can bring our creations to life, thus solving some of the puzzles that we will find during the adventure. "Using the motion sensor in DualShock 4, the player can effortlessly create breathtaking landscapes that come to life and even create their own cast of unique creatures to hang out and play with. Our goal is for anyone to paint in this game. The paint strokes on the walls will become beautiful living works of art, "explained Dominic Robilliard, creative director of the production.

Concrete Genie places its action in the small, abandoned and polluted fishing village of Denska, where the protagonist of this colorful proposal can clean its streets and corners with the simple force of the brush.