Sony anticipates more "deals" with third-party companies

They promise that in 2016 there will continue to be exclusive content and titles from other companies.

The head of PlayStation in Europe has ensured that Sony will maintain its policy of "agreements" with third companies in 2016, promising exclusive content and titles for its platforms.

"We will continue to bet heavily on the games we have developed and released, but relationships with third-party companies will continue to be important to us," said Jim Ryan. "The days of a solo console are over," he adds.

The Sony executive has not gone into details about these new agreements, but remarks that the ecosystem and the relationships they have built with other companies "will continue to be really important in 2016."

Some of the latest agreements reached by Sony have to do with the exclusive on consoles of the long-awaited Street Fighter V, special editions of PlayStation 4 inspired by games like Battlefront and Black Ops III, the arrival in advance of betas, etc.