Sony accused of subtracting a percentage of the charity skin of Overwatch

100% of your purchase on PSN Europe does not go to a foundation, but on Xbox Live and PC.

This morning we reported that Overwatch will collaborate in the fight against breast cancer with the creation of a Mercy pink look payment on digital platforms. After enabling their purchase on different digital platforms, users on the network noticed a controversial difference in the acquisition of the product in PlayStation Network Europe vs. and Xbox Live: all the money spent on the Sony platform does not go to the foundation.

It is enough to take a quick reading of the purchase cards of the skin in the aforementioned bazaars to find their non-similarity. For example, while in the Microsoft store we can find that Blizzard Entertainment will donate 100% of the price of your purchase on Xbox, in the Sony Store the following is said: "Blizzard Entertainment will donate 11.58 euros (it costs 14.99 euros ), or its equivalent in local currency, of the benefits you receive from PlayStation for your purchase. "

This would indicate that along the way, approximately 20% of the money donated by the player would be lost. However, those who access the platform in the United States will see that Blizzard will give 100% of what they receive from PSN to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (foundation for breast cancer research). Sony has not yet given an explanation on the matter. Mercy's pink skin purchase will be valid until May 21.