Sonic Mania in action: the changes of the renewed Green Hill Zone

Sonic's new 2D adventure arrives on a date to be determined in Q1 2017.

YouTube channel Sonic Movie Channel has featured new playable content from Sonic Mania, the long-awaited new two-dimensional adventure of the mascot of Sega. In addition to showing the new Green hill, has compared some sections with their namesake levels seen on MegaDrive more than 25 years ago.

Those who expected a completely new Sonic video game need not fear: although the development team has taken the legendary Green Hill as a reference, it has expanded the dimensions of the screen with new lower levels unreleased in the original installment. The rest of the game, for now, is completely new: the presence of Green hill becomes an ideal wink for the most staunch followers of the series.

Beyond the interesting analysis of the first screen, the video is very illustrative, despite the language, to see in action Sonic's new abilities, his physics and his behavior on stage, practically identical to that of his original adventure, as as veteran fans of the hedgehog have been asking Sega in recent years. It is expected for the first quarter of 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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