Are exclusive video games decisive to buy a new console?

At 3DJuegos we present one of the most interesting topics of debate in recent months.

For generations the main consoles in the sector have boasted of their great exclusives to distinguish themselves from the competition, to be more attractive to the consumer, but in recent months Xbox has proposed a totally different strategy that completely changes this paradigm. His philosophy? Promote services and offer video games with the best possible quality, putting aside the race to accumulate more exclusives than the rest.

The Xbox exclusives will be released on PC, Series X and Xbox One It is a way of thinking that brutally collides with what until now players understood as the pure normality in the video game industry. Hence, the day it was announced that the first exclusive Xbox Series X games would be intergenerational, there was such a stir. At Microsoft they don't want to force gamers to switch consoles to enjoy their next releases, so all the company's new video games in the next couple of years will be released on Xbox series x, PC and even the veteran Xbox One.

Its main competitor, however, highlighted just a few weeks ago that exclusive PS5 games will not be intergenerational, with the effect that whoever wants a new generation on PlayStation will have to change platforms. And today in 3D Games We took this question back to ask you, the readers, about the importance of exclusive games when deciding on one or another platform. While Xbox Series X downplays exclusive video games, in favor of give players more options, Sony insists that exclusive PS5 games are more important than ever in defining the new PlayStation.

We cannot forget companies like Nintendo, which has a strong catalog of exclusive games based on highly successful franchises, the PC, which also has unique proposals, or even Stadia, with its streaming game service. So… how important are exclusive games to you?

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