Fix the most annoying Monster Hunter World bugs on PC

Do you have trouble playing? In this guide, we tell you how to fix them.

For several days now, many gamers around the world have been playing Monster Hunter: World on PC via Steam, and it's great! What I don't like at all are the annoying 'bugs' and connection problems that have accompanied its overwhelmingly successful launch. In this guide, we'll try to help you fix some of the most serious and annoying ones while Capcom works to put a stop to them for good.

Of course, we recommend that you contact Capcom support directly and discuss your issue on the Steam forums if you cannot find a solution to your issue here. These are the errors that we consider the most annoying when playing Monster Hunter: World.

Find and hunt the Kulve Taroth in Monster Hunter World

Save your saved game eye! Minor spoilers below. There is a relatively high chance that you will lose your save game forever if the game freezes in the cutscene that appears after defeating the high ranked final boss. How to save your hunter from such an unfortunate fate?

Well, after defeating three Elder Dragons at a certain point in the campaign, the Admiral will invite you to follow him to see what happens in the heart of the Elder's Bed. You will face the boss in question after that, so this is the best time to ensure your character's survival. All you have to do is make a copy of your save file on your desktop or anywhere else and return it to your folder if the original file is deleted in the final stretch of the campaign.

The file in question is SAVEDATA1000, we recommend that you look at where it is located directly via Reddit or by following a visual user guide TheLinerax. You should only do this the first time you do the mission, you will not have to face this terrible mistake if you repeat the battle.

Side margins Would you rather play with a controller or with a keyboard and mouse? If you are one of the first, we strongly recommend that you do not connect the controller to your computer until after opening the game, because if you do it before it could automatically change the resolution of the game (how absurd, right?) And leave you with ugly margins black on the sides of the screen.

It's okay if you haven't noticed this until you've entered the game - it won't fix if you unplug the controller, but you can exit the game, turn off the controller, and reconnect it once opened. Just remember that you will have to eat again later, because the effects of the food do not remain active after saving the game.

Fluency problems We know: World is somewhat demanding with the program requirements, and the security system Denuvo it does not help at all to achieve a silky smooth flow. However, there are some problems that negatively affect the fps rate and that you can solve without spending several hundred euros to renew your equipment.

There are several things you can do to improve the performance of Monster Hunter: World on PC. For example, you can set the parameter "rendering volume quality" (or what is the same, volumetric fog) to "off". Not only is this the most expensive configuration of the program according to Digital Foundry's analysis, but for many of us, the game looks better. Others, like reflection in water, just don't work on PC - probably due to a bug - and consume some frames anyway, so disable it.

Some Reddit users also claim that users of Nvidia graphics cards will see better performance of the program if they reverse the controllers to version 398.36. Check which version you have installed from the Nvidia control panel.

Connection problems By far, this is the most frequent and annoying problem of any time you spend playing. There is not much to say about it: Capcom claims to be working on it together with Valve, and in the meantime it can only comfort you to know that you can play offline.

There are a small number of things you can apparently do to address or mitigate this problem, such as logging out of Steam's social features from the Friends menu and accessing Monster Hunter: World online content directly from the game. Disabling Steam's Big Picture mode also seems to help some people in some way.

If you see too many notifications from your friends while playing this title, you can manually disable them from the platform parameters menu until there is a formal solution.

When will everything be fixed? Not surprisingly, all of these launch issues will eventually be fixed, and you can follow up on Capcom's plans directly from the game's bulletin board. You might be glad to hear that a "fix patch" file was found on SteamDB today, so hopefully it won't take long.