Survive the apocalypse! Fallout 76 Getting Started Tips

If you are starting your adventure in West Virginia, this guide has what you need.

Fallout 76 is out now! As you may know, this time around Bethesda has gone for a multiplayer approach that the rest of the Fallout franchise does not have, so even if you are a veteran nuclear survivor, there will be things that take you by surprise when you leave Vault 76 on Earth Day. Recovery. Don't worry, it's normal. In this guide, we provide you with several initial tips To survive the ruined world of Fallout 76.

Please note that these tips come from our experience with the beta and the first hours of the full game, but due to the online nature of Fallout 76, it is entirely possible that Bethesda will modify and invalidate any of these points as new updates or DLC arrive. . Take it as an initial orientation guide!

System S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and advantages

Shortly before leaving Chamber 76, you will have the opportunity to assign points to the stats of your character: This is the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. that has always characterized Fallout games. You start with 1 point in each stat, and earn another point to spend each time you level up. The maximum level at the time of this writing is 50, but the cap on each individual stat is 15. Since you can't reassign cast points, you'll have to think hard about how you want to specialize your character right from the start.

In addition to the statistics of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. you will also win one skill card (perks) every time you level up. That card does not have to be related to the statistics you are raising, so you could raise charisma and choose an intelligence card if you see fit. If you have at least 3 Charisma Points, you can share them with players in the same party, and they can be equipped and unequipped at any time. Also note that the effect of the perks is stackable: if you have two "Gladiator" cards (+ 10% melee damage) you can equip both for an extra 20% damage. However, the stat requirement also stacks, so in this case you would need 2 strength to carry them.

Where to find your first weapons

The world of Fallout 76 is as hostile as in the rest of the games, and you probably already know that ammunition is scarce, weapons are broken and you will often prefer to fight hand-to-hand and risk your life before spending the bullets that you will need later. That said, you obviously need something to defend yourself with even early in the game.

We have your back: as soon as you exit Chamber 76, turn right (instead of talking to the robot on the left) and head down a field. There are a handful of robots that you must dispatch with melee blows to move with ease, but if you rummage through the corpses you will find a gun, some ammo and even a machete. Remember to put close-range weapons in favorites, because you will probably need them in some combat ... and you already know that you cannot pause to access the inventory in online games. You can watch our video with things to do in your first hours of Fallout 76 to get an idea of ​​what awaits you in its opening bars.

Find the Tricentennial Edition DLC

If you've purchased the Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition, you'll have access to a handful of exclusive cosmetic items to decorate your armor, weapons, and even emotes, posters, and photo frames for your character. Unlike other games, most of these DLCs are available from the moment you take control of your character. However, you will need to create the relevant weapons (10mm pistol, hatchet, laser rifle) and armor (T-51, T-45, T-60, X-01) before you can customize them. They don't give them to you, if that's what you thought.

Eat, drink, survive!

Fallout 76 is stricter on your character's basic needs than other old games in the franchise. You should strive to rest in a comfortable bed to avoid contracting diseases, and it is worth equipping yourself with benefits that improve your satiety and hydration. Clean water is a valuable resource that you should reserve for the most desperate situations: it is preferable to drink contaminated water and alleviate the damage with small doses of RadAway (correct, you do not have to consume it whole).

That is also your only method to get rid of radiation, although luckily in this installment not all the mutations that you can suffer are bad. Personally, I would not recommend waiting to see what kind of mutation you suffer, but at least keep in mind that there is the possibility that you will contract a mutation that improves your abilities instead of diminishing them. Two other things to note: there is a perk that maintains mutational enhancements while taking off their effect with RadAway, and taking RadAway also increases your risk of disease. It is recommended that you take it near the camp to treat them in time if they occur.

C.A.M.P. and fast travel

Exploring the huge map of West Virginia is an engaging adventure, but it also has its risks. It is practically mandatory that you take it easy for two reasons: one, that the dangers increase the further you go; and two, the mere fact of getting around has a price. In fact, the material cost of moving your camp increases the further you want to go. This also applies to fast travel, which you will use often.

Unlike CAMP, of which you can see a video with our video of everything you need to know about C.A.M.P. In two minutes, the fast trip is paid in the traditional bottle caps that you will already know from other deliveries. But Fallout 76 is set very early in the nuclear catastrophe, so that currency wasn't fully established yet. Therefore, it is more difficult to find them. You can travel to any location that you have previously discovered, but the price you must pay to travel increases the further you are. And one more thing! F76 is not in vain multiplayer: form a team, distribute tasks and save time and effort by gathering resources. "Divide and conquer," they say.

How does PvP work in the first hours?

You will always start the game in Pacifist mode, which means that PvP will stay on the bench until you reach level 5 during your first hours of play. Once you get to that point, other players might start shooting at you. Fortunately, the community does not seem to be particularly aggressive (for the first few days, at least) and you will also take minimal damage from other players until you decide to respond.

If you fall in combat, a friend or random player could revive you with a Stimpack to recover you on the spot, but even if you end up dying, the game will put a bounty on your killer's head for other players to do you justice while you go to collect your belongings. Does the idea of ​​shooting another player by mistake scare you? You can activate the Pacifist mode manually so you don't risk getting into unwanted combat. Keep in mind that other players can shoot you even if you are a Pacifist.

Big little tips

  • During your travels, you will find blue deposits here and there where you can store those things that you want to keep, but that are not going to be useful at the moment. In fact, everything you keep in a warehouse will also be available in any other warehouse you find (as if they were interconnected) with one exception: your camp trunk. The contents of that particular chest cannot be accessed from anywhere other than strictly the camp.
  • As strange as it may seem, it is advisable to take whatever you find: forks, old clothes, bottles, etc. It's a hassle having to handle so much junk when navigating menus, but they are the easiest and fastest way to get materials to upgrade or repair your equipment. Keep an eye on the workbenches and take down all your junk to get steel, cloth and other interesting components.
  • Do you play with friends? The things you find in plain sight are the same for all players, so if you see a recipe that you already have on a table, tell your comrades to take it. Instead, all items that appear inside safes, chests, or corpses are randomly generated for each player, so loot without fear of looting your fellow adventurers.
  • It is recommended to manually manage the active missions from the Pip-Boy, because when you play with friends, the interface shows all the objectives available to all players, including optional secondary items and events. The ideal is to organize, determine a travel route and distribute the tasks of each one to get the most out of each journey. Leave only the missions you want to do at that moment active, and save the others for later.
  • Although you shape your character as soon as you first enter the game, the truth is that you can modify your appearance, gender, and physical complexion at any time from the menu. You don't need to make another character from scratch if you just regret putting tacky makeup on your avatar.
  • Since Fallout games used to be single-player, opening the Pip-Boy didn't pose any risk because everything froze until you were ready to go. But you know what we usually say to our mothers, "you cannot pause an online game"So if you don't want to risk being attacked by a ghoul while assigning your weapons to favorites, you can undock the Pip-Boy interface and overlay it in-game. This way you'll be aware of your surroundings even while using it. the device.