Excluding Japan, PlayStation VR has thirteen video games developed in the Asian territory

There is life in development for Sony's virtual reality: China, South Korea or Taiwan also work on PS VR.

At the recent press conference you have prepared Sony in Hong Kong To talk about PlayStation VR, it has confirmed that it has thirteen video games in development in the Asian territory beyond the Japanese dominions. Although no release date has been specified, it guarantees new names for the next few months.

Among the different games there is one in Singapore (Stifled), seven in China (Ace Banana, Mixip, Kill X VR, Weeping Dool, Pixel Gear, Dying Reborn, and Phantom World), two in South Korea (Mortal Blitz and The School Swan Song) and three in Taiwan (OR! My Genesis VR, The Ocassional Encounter and Unearthing Mars).

The event has lasted just over 30 minutes. The person in charge of welcoming the Hong Kong players has been Hiroyuki oda, one of the highest representatives of Sony Interactive Entertainment in Japan.