Simulate the performance of a Threadripper 2990X with an EPYC 7601

The der8auer overclocker creates a Frankenstein monster for it.

He overclocker der8auer has uploaded to his channel a very interesting video with which we can get an idea of ​​what to expect from the next 32-core processor HEDT from AMD, the Threadripper 2990X. The expert used an EPYC 7601 with a overclock 3.4 GHz (base frequency expected from the 2990X) and four DIMMs to simulate the performance of the new processor. Besides, to achieve its magic, der8auer has changed the power supply for a high quality one and added a water cooler as a cooling system. We recommend that you take a look at the video so as not to miss anything, but here below we will comment on the most remarkable.

The main bottleneck for this equation is the motherboard power circuit, which is not designed to withstand any kind of overclocking due to energy limitations. On the other hand, the six-phase design of the board copes with these kinds of manipulations. By placing only 4 DIMMs, the overclocker it is capable of simulating the Threadripper 2 platform (since EPYC supports up to eight, compared to four for Threadripper). The first test finds a bottleneck by limiting the RAM to four channels and produces worse results than a Threadripper 2990X would, apart from due to a memory with lower frequencies than those intended for gaming.

By installing all eight RAM modules, you get results worthy of an HEDT equipment. But where things get exciting is when der8auer performs tests increasing the frequencies to 3.8 GHz, almost reaching 6000 points of Cinebench. Had it reached 4.0 GHz, it would surely have exceeded that figure. Obviously, there are a number of trade-offs and mismatches when testing with such a methodology. However, if we put higher frequency memory into the equation, greater energy flexibility on the part of the motherboard and the overclocks that can be obtained accordingly, we can expect great things for the new family AMD ThreadripperEspecially for 3D or video professionals.

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