Yes, recreating Metal Gear Solid in Dreams is possible

A fan recreates Kojima's game using the Media Molecule editor tools.

It seems that there is not a week that we do not have to applaud the imagination and determination of some fan who, using the tools of Dreams, the new Media Molecule production, surprises us with some amazing creation. Today we review, nothing more and nothing less, than a version of Metal Gear Solid.

Although it is not yet finished, in the material shared by its manager, Bearly regal, we can observe the amount of details that make this level of Dreams an almost perfect replica of Hideo Kojima's game. As you might expect, and despite the great versatility of the creation options that Dreams offers, this review of Metal Gear Soild is posing some challenges, as detailed in his videos by this hobbyist, especially dealing with the memory requirements of the level.

Bearly Regal is arguably one of the most creative members of the gaming community, and surely his revision of this classic in Dreams ends up looking as good as the Metal Gear Solid remake he created using LEGO Worlds.

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