Shadwen, the stealth action adventure from the creators of Trine, to debut on PC and PlayStation 4 in May

The new from Frozenbyte will cost about $ 15 as an introductory offer.

The creators of Trine have just confirmed that their action and stealth adventure Shadwen will be released on PC and, as a novelty, also on PlayStation 4, throughout the month of May.

The exact moment in which this dark adventure starring a murderer who will be accompanied at all times by an innocent girl has not been specified, whom he must protect at all costs.

This video game by Frozenbyte It will cost $ 14.55 on PC thanks to its introductory offer, although the initial plan placed its price at $ 35. Why has it been lowered so much? When the demo was published they already warned that the more players enjoyed it, the cheaper the game would be, and it has been. After more than 20,000 downloads and 3.5 million points, fans have managed to lower its price to that point. It is expected that soon it will also be confirmed how much Shadwen will cost on PlayStation 4, although it will be around that figure.