Shadows Die Twice will give more information throughout 2018

The new video game from the creators of Dark Souls is a true mystery.

Presented yesterday at the The Game Awards, Shadows Die Twice is the new video game from the creators of Dark Souls. It was only shown a brief trailer that did not quite confirm too much about the already expected Japanese work, hence many players have been wanting to know more about the title.

Since From Software had talked Yasuhiro kitao, communication representative of the study, who has explained in a tweet from his personal account that "he still needs time, no, we will not make them wait a year for our next meeting." What is certain is that there is no relationship between Shadows Die Twice and the supposed continuation of Armored Core.

The Shadows Die Twice trailer was shown at The Game Awards gala, where The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was crowned Game of the Year.