Shadow of The Tomb Raider: What You Need To Know Before Playing

Help Lara Croft cancel the Mayan apocalypse with these simple tips.

If our analysis of Shadow of the Tomb Raider has finished convincing you to return to accompany Lara Croft on a new adventure, there are some tips that you should take into account before you start exploring ancient tombs. Shadow of the Tomb Raider closes the trilogy that has regenerated the Tomb Rider saga, and inherits from the previous two titles a good number of mechanics and planning. At the same time it introduces different novelties in the gameplay and improves some of the already known proposals of the previous titles. Hence, both the players who already enjoyed tomb Raider and of Rise of the Tomb RaiderAs fans starting this journey in this chapter, you can take advantage of these tips before venturing into the Mesoamerican jungles.

Avoid direct conflict

Try to kill your opponents without Lara being detected. Moving safely without being seen will allow you to play with more peace of mind. Calculate your actions well, try to anticipate the behavior of the enemies and use the environment to camouflage yourself. Take your time to familiarize yourself with the routines of the opponents and the space around you, try to separate the enemies and use traps whenever you can. It is better to spend some time on these tasks than to die quickly.
Aim for the heart

You will discover that the skulls of the animals in the game are harder than you might expect, hence it is much more effective to try to hit their hearts. A bullet or an accurate arrow in this organ will save you a lot of trouble, and to make it easier, one of the character upgrades will allow you to equip yourself with a skill with which you will see the heartbeat, so you will already know where to shoot.
It's a trap!

Another of the skills that you should get as soon as possible is "Viper's Snare". With it you can set traps your enemies using the bodies of their fallen comrades. Lara will hide an explosive charge in the body of a downed opponent, which will explode when one of her teammates approaches to inspect it. It is practically a two for one in enemy casualties.
Maximum power

Unlocking the skill "Raposa's Wit" will improve the next level weaponry upgrade, so don't waste time and try to improve your weapons as soon as possible. Remember that your weapons are the only thing standing between enemies and Lara's untimely death. The bow is possibly the most versatile weapon in the game, so don't forget about it.
Spread the rope

Don't fall short on the rope. To rappel you must press one of the upper buttons of the remote, but it is not necessary to keep it pressed. In fact, if you just press one button and keep holding the stick down, you will gain some more rope, which will come in handy when balancing and reaching the most inaccessible areas.
Learn to swim

Lara will have to swim a lot in this game, and in especially tense situations. Improve your swimming skills as soon as possible and you will notice the difference. "Caiman's Breath" and "Caiman's Speed" can quickly become your best allies during this adventure.
Buy and sell

Shadow of the Tomb Raider allows you to collect all kinds of materials and resources. We recommend that you accumulate as many as you can, but do not become attached to them. Don't go around with a bunch of useless items in your inventory. You can sell it and get money in return. Also, you can do this whenever you want and as many times as you want. It's like having a money factory.