Shadow of the Colossus features a spectacular figure ... costing almost a thousand dollars!

The statue arrives in an exclusive edition of the white-tailed lizard.

If the first Shadow of the Colossus statues we saw a year ago surprised you, the new creation from Prime1Studios is definitely going to break all established molds. This new figure represents the Third Colossus and has been put on sale at a price that is not suitable for all pockets, 829 euros, which is equivalent to 766 euros approximately.

The statue has LED lighting on the head and is 55.7 centimeters high "Your next enemy is ... A giant canopy rises towards the heavens ... The wrath of the sleeping giant destroys the earth ...", says the official website of its creators. "The Third Colossus is also known as Gaius, due to this likeness of a knight. Gaius is one of only three colossi to wield a weapon, the other two being Valus and Argus. To defeat the Colossus, Wander requires finding the weak point which is marked by glowing symbols on the body of the colossus. Sigils are always found on a part of the colossus that has fur. We recreated a very realistic and amazing piece of the Third Colossus. "

The statue has LED lighting on the head and measure 55.7 centimeters tall, 47.6 wide and 53 in diameter. In addition, the statue also includes the exclusive edition of the fitura of the white-tailed lizard. A true collector's item for fans of Shadow of the Colossus, a game that was released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and later received a remake for the PlayStation 4 in 2018.