According to Michael Pachter the next Xbox will be released before PS5

The analyst maintains that Microsoft will launch its console earlier, and that it will be compatible with the Xbox One software.

Michael Pachter

Analyst Michael Pachter, one of the most well-known voices in the video game world when it comes to predictions and dissection of the industry news, has spoken about the deadlines he believes will follow for the next generation of game consoles.

"I am sure that Microsoft wants to launch its next Xbox game console before PS5, and I think it will be backward compatible with any Xbox One software," Pachter said in an interview with the GamingBolt portal, highlighting the urgency of Redmond on PlayStation 5.

"I agree that it will be hard news for owners of an Xbox One X, but they should know that with four years of life of that machine a new one will arrive. I anticipate that Microsoft wants to launch in 2020, but if they think that Sony will to launch PlayStation 5 also at that time, then they will advance deadlines ".

During E3 2018, Phil Spencer himself announced that Microsoft is already working on the design of its next game console (codename, Xbox Scarlett), although analysts believe that this announcement will not affect sales of Xbox One.

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