Sega will debut "at least" two games at the launch of PlayStation Vita

The company works on three titles not yet announced.

Virtua Tennis 4

The head of Sega for the West, Mike Hayes, has confirmed in an interview with the British media VG247 that his company will launch two video games along with the launch of the new Sony laptop, Playstation Vita; at the same time that he has confirmed that they are working on three new projects that have not yet been revealed.

“We have arrived at Vita very soon and we are going to give her our support. We will have at least two titles at launch ”, with Virtua Tennis 4 being one of those chosen. "When that will happen we do not know yet, but we imagine that it will be at the end of Sony's fiscal year", clarifies the manager.

In addition, as we noted earlier lines, Hayes has remarked that Sega has three more titles in preparation for the laptop that will not be ready for the launch of PS Vita.

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