Sega will continue to bring its games to PC in 2019

The company seeks to escape exclusivity and expand in the West.

Fiscal year 2018 has ended, and companies like Sega they meet with their investors to discuss their accounts and philosophies for the coming year. The report presents some difficulties, but the leadership plans to take a safer direction for the immediate future: In 2019, they will focus on existing IPs and continue to explore paths that have worked, such as bring your games to PC and grow through Steam. It is also briefly mentioned that they will work with "current and new generation" consoles and "other platforms", perhaps in reference to PS5 or even Stadia.

A reasoning that seems little less than necessary if we take into account that - despite having achieved an increase in sales - company earnings decline for the second year in a row, by 70% and up to 23.82 million dollars. Sega justifies this phenomenon with miscalculations, saturation of games in development, delays, competitiveness in the market and poor performance of digital games and gaming machines in Japan.

Last year, Sega released games like Yakuza 0 or Yakuza: Kiwami on PC via Steam, a strategy that has helped them grow in previously underrepresented markets. Aside from continuing these efforts, the company will also rescue long-forgotten IPs with the Mega Drive Mini and we wouldn't be surprised to see a Saturn Mini in the future as well.

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