Sea of ​​Thieves exceeds Microsoft's sales expectations

Rare: "we have surpassed all the numbers that we initially thought".

After creating a new IP and a friendly service to offer it, Microsoft seems to be enjoying good sales and subscriber figuresWe are talking about Sea of ​​Thieves and Xbox Game Pass, respectively. In an interview posted on US Gamer, Joe Neate (producer of the game) has commented that his new pirate game reached the figures that had been estimated in both Redmond and Rare for the first three months.

"It's fascinating, because we were [the first first-party offered in Game Pass launch]. Usually, you never want to be the first. You want to learn from someone who has come before you," explains Neate. However, for Rare, Mixer could have had an equal or greater impact than Game Pass. "The biggest contributor to our success was broadcasting and content creators, above all else."

In fact, Neate explains how Sea of ​​Thieves bookings rose dramatically as soon as they lifted the DNA (nondisclosure agreement) that prohibited rebroadcasting closed beta content. For now, Rare is preparing to grant its sea of ​​thieves an even brighter future with the free DLCs Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores, arriving in July and September, respectively.