Sea of ​​Thieves solves your problems with Xbox Game Pass

Some subscription-based fans were unable to access the game through XGP

In the last hours some fans had problems connecting to Sea of ​​Thieves Through your Xbox Game Pass subscription, however these have already been resolved and the video game offers free access to all those who are part of the service.

Yesterday afternoon Rare He warned that he was already aware that some players could not access the video game and that he was working on the solution to it and, on this occasion, during this morning they have reported that everything has been resolved correctly.

"We have already resolved our problems with player access through Xbox Game Pass", they declare from the official video game account. "Players will now be able to access the title and, if you can't immediately, try again in a few minutes."

Sea of ​​Thieves has made a macro patch available to fans in the last few hours to correct some elements of the game that needed a polish.