Sea of ​​Thieves promises to provide details on its new content soon

Pets, new customization options and special events among its novelties.

Rare has announced that "soon" there will be news about the new content with which this legendary British studio aims to expand and improve the gaming experience of its ambitious Sea of ​​Thieves. "We have heard questions about the content and we understand that people are eager to see what plan we have to evolve Sea of ​​Thieves," said the team responsible for the Banjo & Kazooie series.

"This plan is right now among our priorities, and we are adjusting our project based on the reactions of what we have seen," adds the team, promising to provide more details soon. Despite this, in the past they have already announced some of the news that Sea of ​​Thieves will receive, with additions as interesting as the pets, of which monkeys, parrots and cats were mentioned; as well as new options to customize not only the appearance of the pirate, but also his own ship.

The intention is that the fans have in their power custom boats beyond the few options that currently exist. The rest of the players, seeing the ship in the distance, should be able to recognize its owner thanks to the distinctive features with which they can be customized. There will also be special events with unique missions and great rewards, as well as more instruments to add to the compass, clock and spyglass, or melodies with which to liven up the parties.

There will also be no shortage of new enemies to face, apparently with the mermaids as one of the next rivals to beat.