One of the leading graphics programmers leaves Naughty Dog

Cort Stratton had been in the studio for 11 years, and he played a pivotal role in The Last of Us transition from PS3 to PS4.

In recent times abundant figures of Naughty dog They left the study, such as Nate Wells, Justin Richmond or Amy Hennig. This trickle of outputs, which stopped in 2014, was followed today by one of the studio's leading graphics programmers: Cort Stratton.

After spending 11 years in the studio that created the Uncharted saga, he left the team with heartfelt messages via Twitter in which he reported the difficulty of the decision after spending "85% of his career on the team."

The exit has been on good terms, "everyone I have worked with here are wonderful and brilliant people, and I will miss them terribly", for this programmer who played a key role in the transfer of The last of us from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 and had significant collaborations with the Sony in the libraries of both game consoles.