Is the new Wolverine movie inspired by The Last of Us?

Logan's new look reminds us a lot of the protagonist of The Last of Us. But are there more similarities between the new Marvel mutant movie and the work of Nuaghty Dog?

Apocalyptic future, a young companion and a survivor's beard. Sure, with so many hours in front of the console the first thing you think is: Joel and ellieby The Last of Us. And it is not surprising but… Doesn't it also look like this?

Well yes, Logan, our dear Wolverine (Wolverine) Marvel's most mythical mutant, says goodbye to the big screen (for now) with a new movie. As you have seen, Logan takes us to an apocalyptic near future. And it is true that there is no clickers, and that the aesthetics of the film is much grayer than the colorful adventure of Naughty dog. But there are similarities ...

On the one hand we have our protagonist, who this time goes from the bushy sideburns to show off a beard a la Robison Crusoe and, again, lumberjack clothes. Along with him, apart from our dear old Xavier, we have a mysterious young woman… whom we can briefly see in action and who is insisted that she is “too similar” to Logan.

To the fans of Marvel all this will not take you by surprise. On the one hand the young woman has all the ballots to be X-23. In the comics this young woman is a clone of Logan who is currently the character who bears the title of Wolverine (Wolverine)... But nothing is officially confirmed. All this comes to the fact that Logan, in the current continuity of the Marvel comics, is a tired elderly man from another reality in which the character has gone through all hell.

The origin of this plot is a miniseries, which has ended up being established within the New Marvel Universe, entitled Old man logan. This story, created by Mark Millar, led us to a future in which all the heroes of Earth had been exterminated and civilization had been reduced to a pseudo-medieval society in which the villains of the comics would act as local warlords and wren. A very Mad Max story that has directly inspired this new movie. Here an aging Logan, who has been slowly losing his powers, embarks on a bloody quest for revenge in the purest Unforgiven style. From here we highly recommend reading it.

Also, considering what is known about the plot of the movie, in which genetics (and presumably, the genetics of the young protagonist in particular) weigh heavily on the plot, the similarities seem greater.

Watching the Logan trailer, we have not been few who have thought that the physical presence of Logan in the footage is more similar to the Joel from Last of Us than to the Logan from the original comic. And if they put a young co-star on the same plane, the resemblance is even greater. Chance? Well, in this world of synergies, we doubt it a bit ...

What do you think, has Fox looked for an idea in one of our favorite video games?