Tumble VR, puzzles and ingenuity announced exclusively for PlayStation VR

The bet is being developed by Supermassive Games, creators of Until Dawn.

Confirmation of release date and price of PlayStation VRDuring the Game Developers Conference 2016, it was accompanied by new projects in the form of a video game for Sony's virtual reality device. Among them is Tumble VR, a bet on ingenuity and puzzles developed by Supermassive games, creators of the remarkable Until Dawn.

"Tumble VR is an accessible, fun, engaging and immersive puzzle game in which, as soon as you put on your PlayStation VR headset, you will enter a virtual arena that will put your physical mettle and mental prowess to the test," explains Simon Harrir, executive director of the study, in a statement on the PlayStation Blog. "You will have to pass various tests, ranging from building a tower, creating bridges or solving complicated puzzles to blowing up huge block towers; Tumble VR will push your skills and your mental capacity to the limit," he adds.

This production is an evolution of the mini-game title for PlayStation Move, released in 2010, Tumble. "We've designed a ton of new levels to take better advantage of the VR environment and we've added some great modes. Plus we've got new cooperative and competitive modes; the PlayStation VR social screen feature lets us add a second player who isn't using a PlayStation VR helmet, to be attached to the VR user, "explains Harris.

This will be the second video game for PS VR developed by Supermassive Games after the announcement, last October, of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.