Brutal, a role-playing and dungeon adventure created with ASCII characters announced

It will arrive in early 2016 for PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation Experience 2015 yesterday left the announcement of a proposal, at least, to take into account in the coming months. It is about role-playing adventure, procedurally generated environments, Brutal, a work created entirely in ASCII characters with an eye toward 1980.

Despite its curious premise, the production will merge a proposal old-school with a more current visual style in three dimensions. In it, players must choose between four kinds of heroes: hunter, magician, warrior or amazon; and enter the always dangerous dungeons. It will not be easy, you must get to the 26th floor, where your Guardian awaits, and claim a crown.

To overcome the challenge, its creators make available to users a system of manufacturing various weapons, armor or potions. But not everything is easy, they will also have to face all kinds of enemies such as trolls, rock monsters, lycanthropes, etc. Brutal: Kick some ASCII will arrive early next year 2016 and is developed by the Scottish independent studio Stormcloud Games.