Sakaguchi suggested to Nomura a Kingdom Hearts with a complicated story

3DJuegos spoke with the director of Kingdom Hearts III about the origin of the franchise.

Not all the mythical projects of the video game hide a magical and creative origin: Kingdom Hearts, as Tetsuya Nomura explained at the premiere of Kingdom Hearts III last May, was born from a casual conversation in the elevator of the building in which the offices of Square and Disney worked. Hironobu Sakaguchi, mythical creator of the Final Fantasy franchise, asked for volunteers for the project and Nomura took the reins. What was the original project plan? The Japanese artist told 3DJuegos at E3 2018.

"When I started the development of Kingdom Hearts I received some advice from Hironobu Sakaguchi: he asked me to do a really detailed story," he recalled, "At the beginning of the creation process he asked me what kind of video game I wanted to create, and I told him that my goal was create a simple title where you would end up with a witch at the end of the software. Sakaguchi told me not to do something like this: I had to do something that fans of the Final Fantasy franchise might like, so it couldn't be something that simple ".

Nomura assured that this was "the only advice he offered me and he never told me again what to do or what to change", not even after launching the game and confirming its success. The Japanese man, who confessed to us that his first contact with the Disney universe was the The Little Mermaid movie, explained that "in our offices there are many people who currently work on the Final Fantasy franchise who have not been able to work with Hironobu Sakaguchi. generation is the last that can say that he worked with the father of Final Fantasy. "

He also told us about the demand to work with what is considered one of the main legends of the Japanese role, and confessed that "there are many artists who can be considered as Sakaguchi's children, but I think I am the rarest of all. I think I'm the only one who still takes the spirit that I had and works with that style. " Nomura, a few months after putting an end to one of his most famous creations, also told us that he was currently not in contact with Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was present at E3 2018. It presented two new trailers at the Sony and Microsoft conferences and was one of the most prominent titles of the American fair. Don't miss our latest Kingdom Hearts 3 preview to find out what awaits you at your command on January 29.