Ron Gilbert, creator of Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island, will be at Gamelab 2016

The event held in Barcelona will feature the ideologue of some of the best graphic adventures in history.

Ron Gilbert

The organization of the event Gamelab 2016 announced this morning that it will have Ron Gilbert in Barcelona on those days, between June 29 and July 1, to contribute his vision as one of the most respected graphic adventure creators in history.

"Gamelab 2016 will feature a whole myth of the creation of video games: Ron Gilbert, who will visit Barcelona to delight us with one of his talks and his particular sense of humor", they comment in a press release. "Ron's contribution to LucasFilm Games (now LucasArts) with the publication of games like Maniac mansion, changed the way the industry would view the adventure game genre and was a turning point to create other masterpieces such as the Monkey Island franchise, which after 25 years is still considered one of the key sagas, capable of captivating millions of fans. "

Gilbert, let us remember, is current these days because he has expressed his interest, precisely, in re-fishing from Disney Interactive the rights to some of his great creations.

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