Rockstar shows Red Dead Redemption 2 locations

The new video game from the creators of Grand Theft Auto will arrive on October 26.

There are a few weeks until the premiere of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4 and Xbox One, and it looks like Rockstar will take advantage of it to continue showing new details of what is, without a doubt, the most anticipated video game of the present 2018. The last content sample of the editor focuses on the locations of the game, presenting in a special on its website some images of the different places that we can visit in the software.

Of Valentine They tell us it's "a noisy, hostile town in the Heartlands. Its cattle auctions attract merchants, ranchers, cowboys, gamblers, outlaws, and prostitutes from across the country looking to make some money, make a little fuss and have fun. ". Annesburg it will be a mining area, in which coal will be the sustenance of the families that live there. Rockstar explains that life in Annesburg is "horrible" and dangerous, circumstances that are not helped by his meager salary from hard work at the mine.

Saint Denis It looks like it will be one of the main ports of the game: merchants move in and out of there, in a mix of "businessmen, members of high society, sailors, workers, beggars and thieves" trying to survive the hardships of the Wild West. Mount Hagen, for its part, is an icy mountain of Grizzlies, in Ambarino, it will be the main route to the western mountains. Check the Rockstar portal for new details on other expected locations in the title.

In addition to the postcards of each location, Rockstar has shown new images of the game and Arthur Morgan's troop. Ready to meet the Dutch Van der Linde men? You won't have to wait too long: Red Dead Redemption 2's release date is October 26th.

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