Rock Band Network will be up in early 2010

It is a service by which every artist can upload their songs in the form of tracks for the game.

Harmonix has had a day of announcements, and it is that not only Rock Band has reached the round number of 1,000 songs available to fans, but this number seems about to increase exponentially thanks to the arrival of Rock Band Network which has been dated to early 2010.

"We are working hard to make the Rock Band Network public beta available before the end of the year with our catalog launching in early 2010. Although the dates are yet to be confirmed," stated a company spokesperson.

What is Rock Band Network? A new Rock Band review that will allow bands to upload their own songs to the web, converted into playable songs in the video game. "The necessary tools for gangs to start preparing their content to be supervised are here."

"People who join the Rock Band Network will have the ability to listen to all the songs before purchasing, so stay tuned for their official release."

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