Rime goes on; there will be new information "soon"

The team in charge of this adventure would have grown around 40 percent according to reports from Tequila Works.

Much has happened since RIME was presented at Gamescom 2013 and since then, silence; practically nothing new has been heard of this beautiful adventure developed by the Spanish team of Tequila Works who, once again, insist the project goes ahead. Not only is. They promise that "soon" there will be new information.

The studio's communication manager, José Herráez, has shared this information with the Gamespot portal. "I can confirm that Rime is still in development, making good progress," he says.

It also highlights that the team in charge of the video game has grown by around 40 percent. "We know that it has been a long time without news, but we are so eager to communicate things about the video game as the media and fans to receive news," continues Herráez, who without specifying states that in a matter of "a few weeks" this situation will change.

Rime was presented as an exclusive video game for PlayStation 4, but months ago Tequila Works and Sony disassociated themselves, and now it is not ruled out that this open world adventure will be published on other platforms such as PC and Xbox One.